Contemplative summerschool

Living spirituality in our time. A pilot project with the Nordic "Folkehøjskole" model

Gomde, Denmark 15-21 and 22-28 July, 2019.

What is Gomde Højskole?

The contemplative Summer Institute at Gomde DK will be the first of its kind, but we hope and believe this merging of open dialogic life engagement and contemplative practices and thoughts will catch on and become an annual event.

The two 7-day seminars will be held at Gomde Denmark, a Buddhist retreat center in the beautiful Nordic high summer at Helgenaes, Denmark. The seminars are particularly aimed at young adults, creative souls and anyone shaping their life. The two seminars can be taken separately or together. They will be an opportunity to

  • deepen your understanding and practice in meditation and contemplative philosophy
  • Explore how contemplative and active life can coexist and interact in our time
  • Hear inspiring lectures that open debates on green, social, aesthetic and everyday lifestyle dimensions connecting with contemplation, meditation and Buddhist insights
  • Participate in projects building or planting something that will stay at Gomde (orchards, greenhouses…) – projects that you will be able to return to visit at Gomde years later, and many may also take something home in the form of practical “green” skills.
  • Meet friends who share your interests in meditative / spiritual depths in life.
  • For those who want it, there will be an opportunity to articulate, reflect and present your own “contemplative project”. How can you describe the heart of your own study or career project? And how do we give sensitive, truly listening feedback to each others ?
  • Swimming, hiking, singing… Two weeks of  summer holidays in the midst of Denmark’s prettyest countryside. There will be much space and time for silence and contemplation – but also for celebrations, bonfires and music.

When you contemplate, you are not occupied with accomplishing, being or having something - you rest or flow wakefully in deeperlayers of existence.

An important beginning

The 2018 summerschool will be the first of its kind. A pilot project although it does draw on experience and inspiration from enterprises such as the Mind and Life Institute. What is new is the connection between Gomde’s Buddhist roots and a Nordic “Grundtvigian” tradition of living dialogue and engangement in our time and its tensions – at many levels, from individual to cultural, political, ecological.


Gomde Højskole offers two one-week seminars in the beautiful Nordic summer at Helgenæs, 2018. The seminars are for everyone with a living interest in contemplation and meditation - and curiosity about branches and roots of spirituality in our time. The two one-week seminars can be taken seperately or together.

Seminar 1:

The Buddhist Impulse

15 - 21 July, 2019

Understanding the depth of Buddhism - practice, process, philosophy. How does it impact our time - culture, science, art, society? With Khenpo Topka Tulku, John Dunne, Lone Fjorback and others.

More about seminar 1

Seminar 2:

Love, Creativity & Climate

22 - 28 July, 2019

How can spirituality be lived, in a modern, secular, globalized world? Can everyday choices, habits and experiences grow roots in contemplative depth? With Phie Ambo, Anders Laugesen, Peter Elsass, Madhurima Rigtrup and others.

More about seminar 2


We have found a “dream team” of teachers and contributors who will open explorations from some very different approaches to living spirit in our time. Some of them are buddhist teachers or people who teach within other contemplative traditions, others come from scientific and social engagements where the contemplative may be set in motion.


The team includes Anders Laugesen, John Dunne, Peter Elsass, Phie Ambo, Lone Fjorback, Khenpo Topka Tulku and Erik Pema Kunsang. See the list in this page – where you will also find links to small interviews with many of them, about spirit in our time – and about what they will contribute to a spiritual summerschool

You don't need to be a Buddhist...

…or lifelong meditator - in order to participate. The seminars are spaces for exploring and deepening some of the many ways that contemplation – rooted in Buddhist meditation and philosophy as well as other traditions – is becoming an essential part of our culture’s resources. This is for everyone. You can learn to meditate here, you can leave out the practical part for now, or you can deepen and share what you have practiced for many years.

Read more about venue and practicalities here